Charlottesville and Waking Up to Racism

Racism America

In this mini episode of the Sacred Tension Podcast, I reflect on the recent display of violence and racism in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ashamed as I am to admit it, the Charlottesville protests were a wake up call for me. I realized that I have had the privilege to distance myself from the subject of race, […]

The Anointing of Donald Trump

In the week following the election of Donald Trump, I found myself having many unexpected conversations with Trump supporters at work. As I rang them up at the register, I would joke about how much the election induced me to drink. Usually, after laughing together, they would start to share with me their own thoughts […]

Character Vs. Soundbites: the Post-Integrity Age

As a rule, I try not to offer political or social commentary. I feel ill equipped for such a task, and generally try to focus only on my own immediate world: my own thoughts and feelings, my close connections and relationships. But as I’ve quietly watched this age of Trump, I’m noticing something that alarms […]

A Curmudgeon’s Manifesto

We live in a time of heightened tension. In fact, we practically live in a zombie apocalypse, and the contagion is codependency. We are all turning into full-time managers of each other’s attitudes, beliefs, and sentiments. We froth at the mouth at those who disagree with us on social media; we yell instead of discuss, […]

Living Mindfully in a Kingdom of Fear

Like many, I watched in horror as America elected a narcissistic bully as our next president. Like many, I was overwhelmed by despair, panic, and grief, and astonished by the intensity of my feelings. A serene voice in my head repeated, over and over, “There, there, things might not be┬áthat bad. We don’t know the […]