Suffering and Sacrament: On Finding Connection as a Grocery Store Cashier

Every day, I go to work as a grocery store cashier at a family-owned business in a prosperous region of the more generally depressed Appalachian mountains. This work has transformed my life, not because it is the exciting, high-impact, high-power job so many of us dream about in our twenties and thirties, but because it […]

My Favorite Things, Spring 2017 Edition

January through March are my dark months – the months that I am most likely to get depressed, the months when I hunker down and survive the mood winter that comes over me. To celebrate spring finally being here, I thought I would take a detour from my regular writing and share with you some […]

Post-Christian: A Lament

I’m slowly coming to the realization that the faith of my childhood: the Evangelical, middle-of-the-road, straight and narrow faith that was passed down to me by my parents and community, no longer fits. My faith has gone through a myriad of transformations, and I’ve always prided myself on having an adaptable faith. But this feels […]