S. Bradford Long

LGBT Writer, Yoga Teacher, Esoteric Christian

Final Thoughts and Top Posts of 2016


I have released a blog post every single week this year, and I have been astounded by the consolation of such a practice. Making art Рbe it something very grand, or very small Рis an act of defiance against a dark and chaotic world. As I renew my commitment to keep making beautiful things often and with discipline, I invite all others reading this to do the same. Create art, embrace discipline and excellence, and choose presence over distraction. Come hell or high water, I will continue to dedicate myself to my craft.

If you have been with me on this journey, thanks for joining me. Here is to another year of pursuing focus, mindfulness, and excellence.

The Top Ten Most Viewed Posts of 2016

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You’ve been through quite a transformation these past few months. And I believe you have found your groove. I’m glad for you that you’ve spent so much time working to be a better you. Your example of goodness and mindfulness is unique. I hope that as the weekend winds down, and January begins, that you take all of this learning and you raise the bar for yourself. Sobriety isn’t a challenge if we don’t raise the bar often, as we grow into ourselves. Happy New Year my friend.

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