S. Bradford Long

LGBT Writer, Yoga Teacher, Esoteric Christian

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I provide everything on this blog as a free service to whoever may enjoy and find refreshment in my work. Over the years of writing I have received numerous emails from people telling me that my work on faith and doubt, homosexuality, and depression have deeply touched them and helped them through dark times.

This is the greatest payment I could ever receive: people reading, engaging, sharing, and enjoying my writing. I could ask for nothing more fulfilling than that. I will continue to write one post a week, every week, for as long as I am able, and I hope you continue to enjoy to my work.

However, this blog is costly. I pay out of pocket for self hosting, and for various services to maintain the website. Writing and editing these articles takes many hours, and I have one editor who works with me on refining my writing.

If you love my work and want to financially support what I do, please consider becoming a patron. I use a service called Patreon through which you pledge a small monthly donation. The money you donate will help cover costs for the website, and will be invested in future projects. What’s left will help provide basic needs for myself and my partner (like rent and food.)

With your help, I will continue to bring you one post a week, every week, forever.

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