Three Assumptions Christians Make About Gay Relationships

I’m away from the blog this month, focusing on school, work, and vacation, and I will be back next week writing regularly. While I’m away, I’ve decided to repost articles from my previous blog. Enjoy. As I’ve struggled through questions of faith and homosexuality and arrived at a more affirming position, I have found myself […]

In Which I Have a Breakdown: An Open Letter to the Church

I am away from the blog this week, finishing up my degree and preparing for vacation. Because of this, I’m reposting an old article of mine originally published on my previous blog on February 17, 2014. Back in October, just before I left the blogosphere for my sabbatical, I had something of a breakdown.

The Number One Thing We Need To Stop Doing In The Gay Christian Debate

I am finally finishing up my music undergraduate degree, and then embarking on a much needed vacation in Vancouver. Because of this, I have decided to take a break from writing. Instead, I will be re-post some of my older articles. I will be back writing original weekly articles in mid to late August. ┬áTill […]

The Epidemic of Codependent Christianity

There are two primary accusations brought against Christians today: hatred and hypocrisy. Over the past year, though, I’ve come to see the apparent hypocrisy and hatred (or bigotry, as many people put it) as occasional symptoms of a much deeper problem, a disease that is rotting out the heart of modern Christianity: codependency.

Talking About LGBT People: A Tutorial

I have been writing and conversing about homosexuality and faith for well over 5 years now, and over the years I have noticed some trends. Some are very good: when most Christians are confronted with the raw humanity of the LGBT issue, regardless of their theological convictions, they are moved to greater compassion. Many genuinely […]

The Church is a Whore, and I Am Her Gay Son

“The church is a whore,” wrote Augustine, “But she is my mother.” Too often, I have heard this quote used to say, “yeah, the Church is messed up, but family’s family. I can’t leave, even if I wanted to.” I’ve often wondered if the people who so willingly fling this quote around have any notion […]

Homosexuality, Depression, And the Church

Depression has always been a part of my life – it has always been lurking in closets and under beds for me – but 2014 was the year it decided to come out in full force and pin me to the ground.┬áMy world – a world once teeming with social connections, creativity, and activity – […]