S. Bradford Long

LGBT Writer, Yoga Teacher, Esoteric Christian

I Was in a Shooting, And Here is What I Have to Say

It seems that every other morning now I wake up to some new horror in the world. The massacre in Orlando – a hate crime against the LGBT community, and the worst shooting in recent memory – seems just the beginning of a long line of massacres the summer has in store for us. Terror continues abroad, and racially fueled crime continues without any sign of slowing its pace.

I’ve struggled with what to do, as we all have. I suppose we all feel helpless. Racism is far from dead, and how do I, as a white man who undoubtedly benefits from white privilege, even begin to fight such a cancer in our world? How do we walk the streets of Bangladesh and comfort the broken hearted? How do we look every LGBT person in the eyes and ask forgiveness for what has been done to them?